Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Caramels Selection Box, 288g


Embark on an adventure and discover curious and intense flavours like nothing youve tasted before.

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Embark on an adventure and discover curious and intense flavours like nothing youve tasted before. Each caramel in this selection box is made and hand-decorated in England, but youll discover a world of distinct flavours in this beautifully crafted keepsake box. The selection contains 32 chocolates:2 x Dark Chocolate Victoria Heirloom Rhubarb & Ginger: Bright Victoria Heirloom rhubarb fruit with warming ginger wrapped in rich dark chocolate 3 x Dark Chocolate Raspberry: Made from British raspberries, whose tartness pair perfectly with the rich dark cocoa 3 x Dark Chocolate Fortnums Burlington Orange Marmalade: Carefully constructed to offer a pale golden fine-cut peel, this bitter sweet caramel has a soft orange tang 2 x Dark Chocolate Elderflower: Delicate elderflower florals graced with light citrus notes wrapped in a dark chocolate 3 x Dark Chocolate Soya Vanilla: A satisfying mix of umami and sweet buttery Madagascan vanilla caramel, with a long finish 3 x Milk Chocolate Classic Caramel: With smooth slow melting malty milk chocolate. Sumptuously buttery and sweetly exotic with top notes of vanilla 3 x Milk Chocolate Muscovado Sugar Salted: Smooth malty milk chocolate melts into rich caramel with light textured muscovado sugar and notes of molasses 3 x Milk Chocolate Fortnums Ling Heather Honey: With florals and light grassy sweetness, and an expressive and long-lasting finish 3 x Milk Chocolate Passionfruit and Liquorice: Opening with zingy sweet passionfruit, ending with botanical flourish of anise from the liquorice 3 x Milk Chocolate Rose Caramel: With malty milk tones that melt into musky floral rose and caramel 2 x Milk Chocolate Black Truffle Caramel: A rich journey through malty cocoa into earthy umami notes, ending with black truffle and a hint of sweetness 2 x Milk Chocolate Oud: Rich caramel fragrant with warm wood and encased in exotically sweet malty milk chocolate Presented in beautiful keepsake giftboxes, these jewel-like chocolates make for wonderful gifts.Box Dimensions: 13cm(H) x 25cm(W) x 2.5cm(D)

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